Avail Funding

Funding To Vendors and Corporates

MtlexsSpot aims to solve the funding problem of MSME Vendors with a unique method by tying up with Digital Platforms (with Intelligent Algorithms) to arrange funds for Small & Medium Enterprise through Factoring Services within a very short period.

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The MSME Units, Vendors, Stockists can be funded on the basis of their supplies to corporate (Rated Companies) & even unsecured loans (depending upon their own financial and credentials).

You may also avail loan by submitting just your GST Returns and/or your Bank Statement.

The advantage to the corporates is that Mtlexs will work with all their vendors (typically a Big Corporate will have 250+ vendors) and negotiate cash discount (in return of early payment) for the corporate. 

Benefits for the Corporate Buyers

Saving on procurement cost through improved negotiation of financing terms for suppliers. Contact us to avail Bulk Discount

Saving on finance costs by extending credit period

Off Balance Sheet transaction

Digital Platform - Lower administration cost for vendor financing, payments and settlements

Extended Credit Period for Payables

If you are supplying to any reputed corporates, we can provide you funding without any hassels. 

Benefits for the Vendors/ Suppliers/ MSME units

Increase in business with availability of liquid funds

Easy, fast working capital finance at cheaper interest rates. 

Without recourse/ non-collateral based finance

Off balance sheet finance - sale of receivables

One time documentation, no need to engage with multiple banks

Lower Cost of Financing.